We are happy to introduce 4 new versions of the Phenix table now available in new colours from Arpa Laminati. This table, manufactured with the innovative Fenix material, is highly resistant to scratches, abrasions, acid-base solvents and household reagents.

To fully enjoy the sunny season, we have in production two Outdoor Pool tables.

We introduce our new Ping Pong Multifunctional Table Orbit. The table, with a diameter of 180cm, allows the game up to 6 players; the playing surface is divided in 6 parts to underline the area of each player.

In answer to the health protection requirement of public places like bar, restaurant, arcade etc we have now in production a protection suitable for all our football tables.

If you have a garden or an external area the Outdoor football table it's the perfect game.

Our free play line is expressly made for domestic use, but it maintains all qualitiesof great strength and reliability of the professional tables

Football table is a game that helps socializing people and it’s approachable to everyone. So, it’s perfect to become a direct way to advertise a company, building customer loyalty or gaining new customers. The table can be easily branded in many ways ...

The Sardi Sport is our competition model. The cabinet is in 30mm plywood with HPL, double coated plywood playfield with HPL without plastic corners for a perfect play, it's also supported by additional iron bars
We can find news about this game back in 15th Century in England, where folks played a game of sliding a "groat" (a large British coin of the day worth about four pence) down a table. The game was called shove groat or slide groat. Later, a silver penny was used and the name of the game became shove-penny or shovel-penny. The game was played by the young and oldand was a favourite pastime in the great country houses.

An interesting blog created by a professional foosball player.

Anche quest'anno saremo presenti al Salone del Mobile 2017

We are happy to announce our new partnership with

We are proud to announce that we are technical sponsor of the next edition of EUCYS – the European contest for Young Scientist in Milan – Fabbrica del Vapore from 17th to 22nd of September

Many customers ask information regarding the European regulation and CE mark on our tables so we believe it’s useful to clear up some details.Fist of all the CE mark doesn’t define the “Origin” of a products but it states that a products is in line with the safety regulation established by the European Community for some category of goods.

The Atlantis Special Edition is now available. New colour and new graphic design by the young artist Tania Stefanuto.

It’s a long time that we work happily with Arpa Industriale spa, the leading company designing and manufacturing high quality HPL

Football table can be a great promotional item. Today we introduce the table we produced for Barilla for their Ringo biscuit campaign.

Thinking how to start this blog we believed that a step backward was the best option! Directly from the 60’ this is our first professional table.

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